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HU 92 BMW turbo decoder

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Hi there,


I am thinking of buying the hu92 turbo decoder. I have the lishi but the turbo  looks fast( in videos anyway)  and easy to use. Theyt are expensive so I am just wondering if anyone has one and what they think of it. Also where they would recommend buying it from as there are a lot of companies selling them. 




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id avoid the chinese copy of it as wont be the same build quality .


they are fast to use , with lishi i can pick the hu92 in around a minute , with these around 40 seconds , so i didnt buy one as its alot of cost to save 20 seconds , cant justify it for the small gain.


i had a play with one a while back , make sure you lube the lock well and ensure not siezed at all , and follow the instructions fully with a smooth working lock , as siezed wafers , siezed plug can cause issues and wrong process can break it too , so well lubed lock , work the wafers till sure all are moving freely , ensure plug isnt siezed and follow correct procedure for best results .


personally i will stick to lishi , as can feel if all wafers moving and in need of further lube , and only takes seconds longer to pick the lock , but it is a shiny new toy , so never say never .

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I find HU92 a bit of a trial. So with Lishi I pick to lock position and decode there.

To open I pick to lock position then spin. Make sure you have a thin purpose made 

prod with V cut at end to hold in lock position to remove lishi when spinning.

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