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Silca Futura - Yale Superior Cut to Code

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Hi Guys,


I'm looking for a bit of clarification when it comes to cutting Yale Superior and Magnum keys.

Silca have been particularly unhelpful which has come as a surprise to me but hey ho!


I have been informed by Silca (now that I am running program version 2.19.0) that I need to reverse the jaws so that the numbers are facing the back of the machine for first cuts and then facing the front for the second cuts and the code must be put in as you read it.


However, I have had more success by putting the code in backwards still, so I'm sure this is the correct method. Could someone confirm this is the case please?

With regards to the C cut, do you also reverse this code?


Also, one last question.. I have noticed on a recent post that you should be using different cards for Yale Superior and Magnum, the Magnum Superior and the Magnum Superior +. Can you someone clarify this for me please?


Many thanks,



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The code on the card must be reversed to cut the key, You can't put this it in direct. That is the same for all 3 axis.


As for cards I use the 3 height Superior card for Magnum and the 4 height Superior+ for Yale.


I don't  think you should change the way you cut the key. If you have been told to put it in one way then the other I would that. I think your getting not reversing the cuts which is causing the problem. Or try and decode the the key and see what you get.

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