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That's close but not quite right.

From what you have described you have cut the key with the wrong spacing because you lined the new key up with the worn tip of the old key, this throws the spacing out by the amount the tip is worn away.


How I sort these is by measuring the edges of the cut closest to the tip and comparing those to the measurements in Instacode, then spacing the blank back by how much is missing.


What you could do is hold the worn key in front of a blank lining the slopes of the tips up, then see how much is missing, let's say 1.5mm, then clamp the keys as you did before but move the original key back by that amount.

Doesn't need to be exactly right but as close as you can.


A better option than guessing is to have some depth keys made you only need to use 2 blanks to cover all depths including the side cuts.


As i cut them on the unocode i know the spacing and depths are spot on.


If you want me to make you up a set pm me and i'll pop them in the post.

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I do a lot of these and my experience is that there are a number of reasons that you may have this problem.  One is the need for lubrication.  Often a good flush out with GT85 will do  the trick.  Sometimes it is wear on the key that you have cut from.  Also, often the key is just not being pushed right home in the door.  Futura is generally ok with these.  However, the aftermarket cases for the old style remote's are a real pain.  Probably because of bad manufacturing particularly I think the shaping of the end of the blank which is required for lining up.

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When we cut these on the unocode they fit the doors perfectly (never yet had one that did not work), they can sometimes not work in the ignition because of a build up of dirt in the bottom of the lock, i use a broken key extractor then a can of compressed air to remove the dirt they then always fit perfect.


Always seem to be worse on decorators and plaster vans because of the crap they have on there hands.

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I had this issue a few weeks back. I spoke to someone from the Cutting Edge magazine and he confirmed the cut would be slightly. So I re-cut the customers key and it then worked fine. I always cut them twice over now just to make sure. Not had a problem since.

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At the ALEXpo, Ninja Laser is the new Futura... :smt039


I will retire the Futura to shop bench and have Ninja in the van.


I'm fed up of keep traipsing to the van to code cut Magnum, Yale Superior, cabinet and household keys, so Futura can join it's other Silca buddies in the shop.


May even purchase a KeyLine Falcon to replace the Silca FO... What do you think?

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