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Best way to thin a key?

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I have unfortunately bought the wrong type of blank. It's too thick. What is the most efficient way to thin a blank, please?


In the past I have tried wet and dry but obviously holding the very thin key and avoiding scuffing up my fingers is tricky.


We have a laser machine I could use but won't this wear out the cutter quite quickly?


Any other top tips?



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Screw it to a piece of wood through the bow.

File/sand it flat.

Turn it over.

Same again.


Or do what I do with copper washers etc.

Put the wet & dry on the table (rough side up)

Put the key on top and move the key with your finger (keeping the wet & dry still with a finger from the other hand)

Stop when the key is thin enough.



... and measure with a vernier gauge!!


Actually, I'm quite surprised at the tame reply...I was expecting a "use the right blank" rant :smt042

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