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Hi All


Whilst this subject has been discussed before, given the results of the survey here:




I wondered whether any of you use the system or Apps yourselves?  I use both the 'Starbucks' app and the 'Android Pay' app. I find them both incredibly useful, especially in London on trains and buses!

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I hate it as my business card is not contactless, it is brand new but they don't do it for trade account. But my personal card is used every day. Dunno about Apps they worry me as some arse is always finding holes in the system. I got done once and it hurt even though I got all my money back. Good job the Bank was on top of it. They spotted I was tracking across France towards Spain and yet my card was in use in Coventry and Birmingham. Downside was it was blocked which caused a few problems at a couple of stops before they called me. I did have Eurocash with me so sorted.

Do I like it Oh Yeh!

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