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Is200 spindle pulsing

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Hi , I'm new here , I've been employed as an engraver for 16 years from leaving school , but I am now going to try and go it alone, so I'm slowly getting equipment together .

I've bought an is200 which has been working perfect , but today I have unplugged it all and moved it as I've made myself a new work bench. Put it all back together and now on turning it on,with the switch goes to start then stops and it's just pulsing the spindle motor. Any ideas? I'm thinking a new switch is needed? I've never come across this and I have used is200/400s for 16 years. Any help much appreciated thanks.

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I think you are correct with the switch idea but Marino will be the answer, if it is the switch these were available from RS compnents

Thanks for your reply , just had a look on there website but cannot find anything like it , what should I be putting into the search on there site to find it ? Thanks

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Yep that looks like the right switch I think .

It's not continuously spinning it's just slight pulse of power, slightly turns it, stops starts stop starts. The display sometimes just gets to say SETUP for a split second , before its goes blank and starts doing the thing with the spindle. Thanks

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Just gone down to the machine, thought I best check again before I give someone a call tomorrow , gave it a little knock knock on top plugged it all back in and it works ! So I'm baffled to why it was doing it.

I've just ordered a new switch so if it does it again I can try that straight away.

Thank you for all your replies , Dave

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