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Online ecommerce store selling tankards, flasks and quaichs for sale

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Hey guys,


We run 3 online ecommerce stores selling tankards, flasks and quaichs. We run 2 other stores which are bigger and therefore we've been neglecting our pewter stores a little bit over the last few years - we just don't have time to focus on all 5 of them.


However, despite our neglect, the stores are still busy growing every year with 2015 total sales of over £300k a year, and net profit at around 18-20%. They run from a single backend system so all orders come into one place. They have a good trading history and good ranking in Google search results for all main keywords.


We've decided it's time to focus on our 2 biggest stores so are looking for a buyer to give them they attention they deserve. They have a lot of potential to grow significantly if someone can give them some attention.


Included in the sale:

  • 3 websites running on a single backend system - we'll help you get it transferred to a new server and set up properly
  • 3 domain names and all associated domains (we own the .com .co.uk .org etc plus different spellings - maybe 20-30 domains in total)
  • 30,000+ order history details
  • eBay store with feedbacks
  • Amazon store with product reviews
  • Fully set up and performing AdWords and Bing ads accounts
  • Full history on Google Analytics to see past performance
  • Procedure manual which documents every step of every action we perform in the business - fulfilling orders, how to engrave, how to ship etc
  • Full transfer of knowledge on how to run the stores and business and as much support as you need to get up and running
  • Optional: systems setup - back end order processing/inventory management system, customer service system
  • Optional: stock at approx £15k and a U-Marq Universal 350


Please PM me for further details, or post replies here. I can't give out any confidential information in the thread though, only via PM.




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