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Which security cylinder to stock & sell?

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So we're looking into stocking and selling a brand of security cylinder. We want to make sure that the brand we plump for is a good all rounder. We'd like it to be:-


- Decent quality (so this rules out Yale, right?)

- Actually secure (so this rules out ABS, right?)

- Ideally be available in a rim cylinder and euro cylinder format

- For the supplier to be decent and easy to deal with

- Ideally for us to be able to cut the keys in house on our new Mustang rather than sending off for them.


What would you recommend? Ultion seems like a good bet, but I don't think it's available in a rim cylinder...?



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I stock BrisantE for standard fit, they are anti snap good quality can get them module and easy to key alike good value at around £8

I stock Ultion for high security besides all the obvious they also work hard on the Internet side of things I've picked up several jobs as a "nearest Ultion dealer" also links to our website, also easy to cut keys

I stock EVVA eps as a patented profile for master suites and when customer wants restricted key duplication.


We found when investing in a secure cylinder apart from being sold secure and all the rest, it needs to be dual core so no need to stock bass and nickel and snap secure on both sides, cuts down massively on stock.


May also be worth giving Coddringtons a call they do a cylinder very similar but a bit cheaper, not used it myself so can't comment on reliability

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Brisant cylinders are made by federal. They are good but as I found if you want a pair keyed alike they charge £5.00 per cylinder even though they only need to pin one cylinder to match. For this reason alone i dumped Federal and switched to Ultion. I argued strongly they are charging me £5.00 to do nothing but they refused to budge.

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I do as well now, but sometimes I just don't have the time. Plus I have got 20+ pinning kits already. Abus plus, pfaffenhain, Anker, Cisa, papaiz as well as pins for Yale, Union, Chubb, Esla and more. I have just got the Ultion pinning kit but when they only charge £3.50 a cylinder and usually deliver next day sometimes it is not worth doing yourself.

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