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Watch Back missing looking for a Replacement

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From the Rotary website, would probably be my advice to customer, send back to Rotary!


Rotary Watches Service Advice

When returning your watch for service please pack it in a sturdy box (not the original presentation case) to ensure maximum protection. Send it registered mail with your guarantee or proof of purchase and reason for its return. Include your name, return address and daytime telephone number. Rotary turns all repairs around within 7 days (for standard guarantee work). Servicing includes a 24 hour period of bench testing.
Service, Materials & Display
R. W. Limited,
277 Prince Avenue,
Essex SS0 0JS.

Tel (Service & Materials): 01702 337 061

Fax: 01702 348 857


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Definitely send to rotary first. If they say discontinued , something I've done twice. ( only after pleading by customers) is fit a glass to the back. Always fit a fresh battery, tell the customers that the glass will be broken when the battery is replaced. this really is a last resort though, and I'm sure some members won't like the idea. I charge for a new glass.

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