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Struggling a little with one of these at the moment.  Key broken in one lock.  Managed to cut one to code using the number of the key but for some reason it only works in one lock and should do all the locks of this motorhome compartments.  The profile of the code on the key looks different to what is shown on the Futura (and when it cuts the new key even when looking at the bit of the key I have (see picture).  I'm using the code on the key with card 136.


Any ideas?

2018-01-15 14.38.24.jpg


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If it is Swift RV etc the lockers, water-cap and habitation door locks use ZD10

That's  what I'm using but the code comes up with a different profile that doesn't match original.  It worked one door but none of the others.  Weird :(

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