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I have a customer that wants a spare non remote key for a Peugeot 107 2008.  It takes an ID70 transponder.  Tried to clone to TPX2 which appeared to work fine, but the customer says the car won't start with the new key, (just turning over).


I had this before several years ago with my Zedbull and I used an EH head and that worked.  Any ideas what else I should try with the AD900pro as it doesn't use EH.  I think it uses MH or TX but can't see an ID70 option with our supplier.  Not used to using these heads so a pointer in the right direction would help :)

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Thanks both.  This is a specific issue with 107, Auris & C1 vehicles.  I have come across it several times but thought I'd conquered it with the AD900pro.  


I will try another chip but suspect that it's the vehicle type that's the issue here.  Not sure that I can use GTi chips with the AD900pro??

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