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GravoStyle Users quick poll

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I have a fair idea from the calls I get at the office, but since we've just released GS8 I thought it would be interesting to know the versions and levels of the GS software used by forum members.


If you can, please tell me the full version number (ie 5.3 or 5.4) and the level (explorer, discovery etc.)


If you're using quick click, please list the version number.


Oh, and while I'm at it, your version of Windows.


Looking forward to see what everyone has.

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What does GS8 do?


There's a webinar if you search on youtube.


Better matrix, vectorisation, more import options, new user interface, new fonts.


And only £95 to upgrade from GS7.


Looks good, Just waiting for a call back from the rep now to upgrade  :-D

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I quite like Quick Click, it seems simple on the surface but does have some powerful features.

It was more how i was originally sold the software and machine rather than the software itself.

My naivete to a degree i'll admit, but as a newbie to engraving at the time, its limitations in what i thought would be fundamental capabilities certainly curtailed my confidence,patience & progress in learning.

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