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I have found GS5.4 entirely compatible with the new(ish) Microsoft operating system but why not consult with the expert on this poptastic forum, "beware", Ben is the software guru at Gravograph themselves. As far as GS6 is concerned, I suspect the answer might be along the lines that it has not been fully tested but as said not detected any probs and it is used constantly here. Maybe try private messaging him, he is one of the good guys!

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At work I have to follow company policy.


The likelyhood is that GS6 will work on Win10, or seem to, until some part of it doesn't. Notable so far have been random crashes during point and shoot, java incompatibilities, buttons in the wrong place etc.


If you choose to run old software on Windows 10 the company line is I can't help you with problems.


Given that there are definitely bugs in GS7 that cause issues on windows10, I would assume those bugs will also show up in GS6.


That being said, there's nothing to stop you trying it.


I will send you the latest laser driver tomorrow or later tonight if I happen to boot the laptop.

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Absolutely 5.4 works but I must stress that we will not have done anything like the same stress tests as Gravograph. It gives us all the functionality we have ever asked out of the higher "Graphic" level of 5.4 that we have.


Our four workshop PC's are all now upgraded to Windows 10. Considering this and the fact that for whatever reason we simply cannot be without 100% working engraving software under any circumstances, I have purchased GS8. Given that 5.4 is nearly 6 years old, the update cost of £345 on software of that age originally costing something like 2 grand, is in my opinion small and well worth peace of mind. G8 has a few more bells and whistles and a few more fonts thrown in.


Interestingly both 5.4 & 8 reside on the same Windows 10 computer and still 5.4 continues to work without noticeable glitch. Who knows if this will be permanent, Ben has stated the company line. We risked it but if you do and it goes belly up you have been given the official Gravograph caution.


Just a thought, Windows 10 once upgraded allows you to roll it back to your previous version. I have no idea if this interferes with drivers but this may allow you to try without risk. I am sure there are others within the forum that have far greater knowledge than me in this respect and happy to pass on their view.


Good luck with whatever you do, I remember my hand engraving days fondly!

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