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I was sorry to see Laura go, she'd chatted to us a few times in the chat room & was keen on cycling..... hence the Xrunner she was young & dynamic but hopefully Lois will stick with it a bit longer.


I think this should be someone (maybe retired) from within this trade, no offence to the girls who are employed to do this. But at least we might get more about our trade etc

But it shouldn't be the FIRST picture you see!

were all bored looking at shoes, but, maybe new services not old?


It's £120 per year and you get full access to their website and your marker on a map.


Anything else you need to know?

I gave up being a member as I really did not think it as being value for money, I then joined the FSB and getting actual help with the new legislation re pensions and insurance.

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£120? Has there been a decrease in the annual subs? I believe I pay more than this.





I just quoted what was printed. I dont' represent SOMSR. If I did you'd pay a pound a week & there would be a shopping cart &  subscription based purchasing power on the HOME PAGE. lol

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52 minutes ago, Count Muppet said:

Does SOMSR have any advice on opening a shop on their website?

ideas of costs and things to look out for?

your better off p one of the repairer's (independent) that you know.

try any on the forum - I know a guy that would be more than happy to guide you

pm me i'll send him to you

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