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Need a key cut any takers

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Its F41M section.



They are still classed as restricted key so you can't get blanks unless its your section. You might be able to get it as a cut key though as long as its not registered key. Best bet is to call Key print on 0131 555  0909, give the code/cuts number they can tell you.

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In that context: What is section F41L - also restricted?


(The name inventors of this section weren't British, at a guess)

Assa made a few different of section under the flex core range.


They are shared sections so you buy a section and you can get blanks and cylinders but only for your section.

There is a couple of controlled section like the MLA one which is F40K, which if your a MLA member you can get blanks like an open section.


Each section is made from two sides like the old Evva GPI.

So the profile groves are put in groups.


The first side is call either F40 or F41.

Then the other side is made from K, L or M.


I've only ever seen F40 F41 but there is a F43 section.

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