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Dasco Shoe Polish

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I've had complaints from my customers about the lack of a shine from the Dasco, standard pastes.


Cherry Blossom are even worse!!! I've just received black paste and cream and it looks like dark bloody grey!!!!! I won't be buying that again. :smt065


Does anyone know what the hell's going on with Kiwi?



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I've always tried to stick with cherry blossom. However when I was selling kiwi and cherry blossom side by side, customers would always pick kiwi. Even when I was selling cherry at half the price of kiwi, customers always went for kiwi. You can't argue with the fact kiwi is the most recognised brand of polish. Dasco is packaged nice , doesn't rock my boat though. So for me kiwi , with cherry filling the gaps in colour. Got way to much parade polish though.

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It's crazy that kiwi stopped light tan. I used to sell lots of it. And as cowers said people recognise kiwi and generally will always go for that. The dasco light tan is really hard to get a shine from and I find it almost paste like as opposed to the kiwi.

I only stock Woly dumpy jars and they sell well but when I tried to introduce Woly tins they just sat there even when there was no kiwi in stock, so I don't stock Woly tins anymore, even though I personally like it. But if it carries on like this what else is there to stock?

Opinions or shall I hide under the table til the air clears?

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The story I heard from a supplier was that Sara Lee (is that who own the brand now?) were planning on stopping production of Kiwi polish as the sales figure weren't great. They have now had a change of mind and have put the product back into production but stocks will not be avaialbe until May.

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get with the times

kiwi is crap

cherry blossom is worse

if your not stocking sapphir or angelus your not doing your job!

when was the last time you spoke to your customers about how they should be polishing their shoes

stop whining about kiwi not being available

stop waiting on........whatever

sorry forgot about woly, isnt bad but that should be your budget brand!


carry on!

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