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'I need a plain version of this key !' (Nissan ignition)


...no problem it will only open the doors though madam ....


'I've been to 2 dealers - they said I only need a plain key as a spare'


....OK - yes as a spare door key - however a transponder key is needed to start the car ..


'Look I just want a plain key - alright , nothing else !'

-as I said this will only open the door madam...


(I cut a plain Nissan ns6)


(....half an hour later) 'I WANT MY MONEY BACK - THIS KEY WON'T START MY CAR !



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'Look I just want a plain key - alright , nothing else !'



At that point i would refuse to give a refund. You gave the correct advise so it is the customers fault not yours.


I would however offer to Credit the money she paid and trade it against a transponder key that would start the vehicle.

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I remember two halves of a broken key-

Me is this for the car you need it for


it may not work as broken keys can be difficult to align

no worries

I cut it and 20 mins he and 6 mates are back demanding their money and compensation 'or else' 

pick axe handle under counter springs to life - 4 mates leave quickley

I told you it may not work

well it works in my mates car ok

err but its for your car

no its a ford there all the same init


please leave my shop in slow jerky movements or kiss barney


comes back on monday with ignition we strip and make a key - door lock would have been easier....

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I always tell the customer that if they want to take a chance on it starting without the chip they can, But when the key turns and the car don't start I wont refund you as the key works. And I have already told that you need it to start in the car. This type of key started in vehicles from 1994 there's no way yours has been missed.

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We get it all the time.  People buy remote keys from the internet and ask us to cut the blade.  Because they've programmed the remote in manually they assume it will start the car.  I tell them once that it won't start it.  If they insist I don't argue but tell them it's at their risk.  As we have parking outside the shop I get great pleasure from watching them trying to start their car.   :smt077

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