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singer stitcher

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the boss has just taken on an existing business and it has an old 29k71 patcher in it, the patcher has a perfect stitch, the problem is the foot doesn't lift between stitches, also when you lift the handle to raise the presser foot it won't lift unless i use my fingers to lift it up. Anyone able to tell me what could be wrong and also is it an easy enough fix? The boss is talking about buying an electric stitcher, but until he does i was going to try and sort out the old 29k, as i say it has a perfect stitch, 

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it appears to be the top of the needle bar guide( i think that's what the part is) there's a  cylinder that appeared loose, so i put a wee bit of super glue on it, and it allows the foot to lift, both with the handle and when i stitch,  not perfect, but stitched 2 zips and some other stuff today with it

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