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trophy centers

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I used to use Glenway, then when something went wrong with a custom centre order (I think someone at Glenway forgot to pass the order on to the manufacturer leaving us very short of time), we ended up getting them sent direct from the manufacturer.

The manufacturer was Armstrong, their branding was all over the package & I've used them ever since.

Much cheaper than Glenway, very speedy turn around of orders too.

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We bought the Ezebadge kit from Trend, but couldn't get our printer to line up with the ready cut sticker sheets they use. So now we buy self adhesive A4 photo paper, use the excellent Ezebadge software to design the centres, print out as many (or as few) as we need, cut them out using a 25mm punch from Quickdome and pop a dome on top.


Piece of cake.

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Kyd products sell a very easy to use 'centre maker' you just print off the badges you want and then use the dome centre and then use a cutter, we make single centres and charge just a pound - this is also giving slight profit on top of any trophy order we get, sometimes they require 50 so you can imagine.

Just give them a call 

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