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Outsole Stitcher thread

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For the main I'm currently using the Geneva thread. I have also used the Brazilian stuff all the wholesalers sell which seems identical to me. I think that may have Intrecciato Poliestere 100% written on it. 


For the bobbin I am using a heavy waxed thread which I have no problems with. 


The problem with the main is that after a few shoes it all twists up . I have found that if I relocate the hob to lie on its side the problem takes longer to occur. 


Does anyone remember the days when you used to be able to buy thread with a left twist, right twist or no twist. 


I don't know what twist the Geneva stuff Standard sell now is but I need something with a no twist, can anyone put me in the right direction?

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I used to use 7 cord reverse twist on the Victor  ( now discontinued I think, only available in 6 cord now) running through a liquid wax and

ordinary twist waxed in a preheated shuttle. I don't seem to have a problem with the polyester thread twisting up until it gets near the end of the cop. 

Linen threads still available from Colledges. And possibly Healy's may have some in the secret back room...where only the brave fear to go..


I have to admit I prefer the old method ( being old school) but the machine runs much cleaner with polyester thread.

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This is all very informative and a good read for the leather sole boys of the future.


I think I may have not being doing it right a lot of time. Im in my twenties so still learning. By the sounds of it moving to the modern stuff has taken us backwards.


I have some old 6 cord which when burns it goes plasticy but not like the Geneva thread. Is this linen mixed with polyester? Tension is spot on with this stuff now and no twisting down low. The hole where the thread cones out of base is simply bad design. Modification will solve this. I'm going 6 cord all the way from now on.


Can anyone supply me a wax pot, some wax and top grade and strengh 6 cord thread for a standard head which inks well. lmao


Nah just some good 6 cord please.

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