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So...I operate out of a mobile 13' x 7' Trailer shop with a very limited area for retail, but thought I'd get a few items other than our shoe care range.  Frankly, due to the lack of display/ browsing space, it was a bad idea and I haven't been able to sell hardly anything except shoe care.  So I have decided to try and move the stock on to expand our shoe care.


The stock list is relatively small but I would like some reasonable offers to take the lot off me in one lot.  The trade price I paid for the following is £254.77 ex VAT (I'm not VAT registered so it cost me £318.21)


10 x IrisTags from Aldridges (Various Colours)

1 x Minerva Whisky Tumbler with engraving panel

1 x Carbon Effect 6 oz Hip Flask Set in a box

1 x Satin Panel 6 oz Hip Flask Set in a box

4 x 1oz Hip Flask Key Rings

2 x Heart shaped Compact mirrors

1 x 1 pint Satin Band Tankard

1 x Silver Hunter Watch with white Roman Numeral display

11 x Watches in a display box 


Everything is in great condition.  Would someone make me a reasonable offer for the lot?  I have a spreadsheet with individual trade prices I paid and photo's.  PM me your email and I'll send it over.


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