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IS200 Gravostyle - Receiving but not engraving

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I recently fixed a virus infested PC at work, and got it all working nicely again, only problem is, when I send engraving over to the IS200, it receives the data, but when the start button is pressed, nothing happens. If I turn on the spindle it spins up for a couple of seconds and stops, almost like its got the worlds smallest printing job to do.


Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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Sometimes it helps just to confirm the communications settings on the machine.  Turn it on, and when you see the word "Gravograph" on the screen press the X button (I think, it could be tick or hash or green).  It should display the communicaion info.  Just tick through them all to confirm and save, and then try again.


Are you using GTSmartStream or Generic Text Printer driver?





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The machine started misbehaving today. The head is not keeping the Xon/Xoff settings for handshake and keeps going back to rts. If I set the com port for the printer to anything other than xon/Xoff in windows it won't engrave.


Any ideas why the head would keep resetting? It's on a per job basis. Engrave one job and the next one you send over won't work because the head has changed handshake mode.

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The problem with the job staying in the spooler and not going to the head happened when editing a job already sent over, like changing the font size or style. To get around this the head needs turning off around and the spooler clearing. Makes engraving a pain. If I make a new job using the New option in the software after a successful engraving it's ok.

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Sounds like the board is starting to go. It could be worth trying the parallel port instead of serial. No settings there, it just works.


You need a parallek cable though. I think they're about 50 gbp from us (!)

What's the difference between that 50 quid cable and any other parallel cable?

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