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Blank References Tampered with

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Anyone else get keys in to recopy where the previous Key Cutter has been small minded enough to scratch of the blank reference for the purposes of making it more difficult for the next guy?  lol  Seen a lot like that around here.  It seems to serve no purpose other than to slow down the next guy.  It doesn't stop me cutting them I just have to work a little harder to check the correct blank.  Just seems a bit uncharitable to a fellow Key Cutter/ Locksmith.



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I have done it!!!

this was because a 'competitor' kept sending someone in to have a key they could not recognise for us to cut one, then he'd cut the rest of the order, I know this for two reasons, the guy who wanted 25 keys cut came in after he'd been back (about 4) times and the other time the  'competitor' had sent someone to me who spilled the beans - I had used the keg to knock off the reference LOL

that was some time ago, years and gladly not needed to do anymore. :) you pays to learn..

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