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feeling smug

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Thursday I went to use my Vinyl plotter & it wasn't working. Naturally I scratched my head a bit, re-installed the software all that sort of Jazz & as it was the last job of the day abandoned it. Over night I wondered if it was a cable problem & bright & early Friday I unplugged the cable & the centre of the USB "B" socket came out with it, faulty socket on the main board!


I then took a million screws out of the machine to get to the board & wound up with the plotter in a million pieces & a trip to Maplin last night. Ross (my son) and I then had the tussle with a cheap solder pump to get the old one off the board before putting the whole thing back together this morning.


"Print", then the seemly long pause, before the machine sparked into life........ Customer not let down, total price of fix £1.99 phew.

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