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I have a Facebook page for each of our three businesses.

Probably spend no more than 10 mins on each page in total over a week (a minute here and two minutes there)


I have had customers come in and buy items or services and say they have seen it on Facebook, so definitely works for us.

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Facebook has been the best advertising ive ever done.

I take pictures of jobs over a period of time then when I have a spare hour I upload them. Scheduling 1 a day. So sometimes I won't upload for a month but the posts appear regularly on their own.

if a photo looks good once published I will then pay to promote it. Sometimes I'll promote 2 or 3 posts a week. Other times it will be 2 or 3 in a month.

its amazing how many customers who've liked my page come in saying they didn't know I did a service ive shown even though they've already been customers for years. So you increase their usage.

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Never under estimate the power of a facebook page..... last night I sold a bike, took an order for a glass plaque & an order for 6 red/white signs over facebook messaging & whilst I was doing all that Ross (my Son, with a mobile disco business) got a last minute booking for a disco on Saturday from his facebook. OK, it meant the evening wasn't our own (i bombed down here to take a picture of the bike) & he started making calls to his mate for staff but that was an avergae mans weeks wages between us.

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