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trading between xmas and new year.

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Did anyone trade between these dates? I did a few hours £15 yesterday, £23 today. ( £25 Christmas eve)

But there again my business is v reliant on commuters, so I knew it was going to be piss poor. Still had a nice cup of ( uninterrupted) tea. Expect business to be "okay" from 4th jan, and completely back to normal from the 11th.

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I haven't bothered opening up this year.  I have tried it in the past and found it disappointing.  I am located on a retail park with Currys PC World, Homebase, Next Home, Argos, & Hobbycraft.  The place is packed for the sales with traffic and yet we are normally disappointingly quiet, same on Bank Holidays so now I don't bother.  Best taking holiday in the quiet times and an opportunity to recharge the batteries :D

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Xmas eve did £599.83 best one ever part of that was a bacs payment (£120.00 account customer) was going to finish at 1pm but didn't get away till 1.40.


Last year we took £39.00 on xmas eve.


Tuesday and wednesday where ok this week but today so far only done £130.00 but staying till 2pm so not finished yet.


Overall has been the best xmas and new year for us even though we have been closed more than usual with the extra days.

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