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Got to replace a 3" sash euro lock case with 150mm radial fore plate. Trouble is

it's fitted to metal door with fore plate rebated.


The lock is the one where you just remove foreplate and turn latch

to change hand of lock. I seem to remember coming across this brand before many

years ago, I've done all the usual searches with no luck.


Wondering if anyone here has info on them.


Foreplate missing so I have no brand name.



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That s a little harsh m8 at least he wasn't asking for one of these 



I subscribe to that guys youtube channel "Bosnian Bill".....fascinating,  he can SPP just about any lock whatever type of pins it has!!

Any of you lockies on here pick like that or is he ultra good?

I've been playing/practising with some locks with a few successes but I think it's more luck than skill in my case!!

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Sorry, I thought there was locksmiths on this forum.


There are,


Can you supply a photo of the forend, what colour is the case, what are the centres, backset ?


There are a lot of euro mortice sashlocks that have pull and twist latches, there are some that have a 2mm forend plate and when removed the latch will rotate freely.


The info you have given is really basic.


Maybe we could have a locksmith section on here, it just doesn't seem to fit in the key cutting section.





I have suggested that in the past but cannot remember the reason for it not being done.

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Black, standard euro sash lock size ie same dimensions as Era except


foreplate radial[rounded at top and bottom, and only 150mm long.


To change hand you remove fore/face plate turn latch then reinstall


face plate.


I never took a picture cause never thought I'd have difficulty sourcing



I've tried all my usual suppliers Aldridge, Duffells, SKS without any luck.


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you can email the photos to yourself, and they will be resized


you can resize in Paint if you have a Windows PC


you can  use




here is how to use it,


click Browse, double click on your photo,  click UPLOAD NOW!, answer the security question or whatever it says, click view full size, click on IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards ( it will turn black ), copy it, paste it into your post



and you get Future Folk











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Like most things, anything can be done for a price and what sort of timeframe your customer has.  I personally hate having to hunt down a lock with no name or markings for hours on end. 


Whatever is the most important aspect concerning fitting the lock, ie faceplate/forend dimensions, bolt location, I would concentrate on and then alter anything else that needs altering.  If the handle spindle hole or the cylinder hole needs enlarging a good step drill works really well on steel doors if done slowly with lubricant.  Like I said cost and time restraints may come in to play.  If not lets all keep playing find the lock.


Good luck mate.

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