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Here are some further details on the machine, 


UC199 is the Silca electronic, compact and high precision key-cutting machine for single and double sided flat keys and cruciform keys. It represents the result of the evolution of a Silca machine concept which has represented a great outcome, with more than 250 machine units successfully used by Locksmiths and Key Cutters all over the world. UC199 combines precision and ease of use and offers high quality results due to its innovative functions and laser technology.

  • High reading precision through the electronic optical reader.
  • High cutting precision.
  • Compact dimensions and ergonomic shape.
  • High quality carbide cutter (standard).
  • Two types of uses: Stand-Alone and PC driven.
  • Fast key-cutting cycle: Copying from original, for simultaneous reading of original key and key cutting: approx. 20 seconds for flat keys with 5 pins.
  • Semi-automatic gauging function for both standard and automatic clamp.
  • Communication with SCP (Silca Code Program - SKP) and other software programs dedicated to key business available in the market.
  • Web updates via SKP (Silca Key Programs).
  • Optional automatic key feeder with no need for compressed air.
  • User friendly software: thanks to Silca Code Program, supports all needs of data storage and multiple useful functions.
  • Cutter motor: single phase, optimized speed 
    Electricity supply: 230V-50Hz 
    Clamp: universal 4 sided clamp 
    Cutter: carbide 
    Dimensions:  Width: 396 mm (with optional box for keys: 458 mm), Depth: 543 mm, Height: 386 mm (with raised shield: 590 mm) 
    Weight:  43 Kg with standard clamp, 50 Kg with optional feeder unit

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