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The show went very well from an exhibitors viewpoint. We had a strong turnout with some visitors travelling hundreds of miles to get there.  And face to face is an important part of doing business. It pays to build a relationship with your suppliers and works to mutual benefit. Putting a face to a name  is one of the best ways to improve and will sometimes get you a better deal than on the ubiquitous internet.


The JR Shoe Repairer of 2015 results were unusual this year in that we had two entrants with identical winning  scores. Ken Simpson and Peter Smith are both worthy winners. In third place came Adam Johnson who is a protégé of Kens and showed impressive restraint and beautiful craftsmanship. There is always considerable discussion around the stand as to why an individual repair is better than another but it was reassuring to see that few could fault the eventual winners. The entry from Lee in particular drew a lot of attention because from the appearance of the un repaired shoe  it was the most comprehensive transformation from ruined to almost concours. 


The winner of the JR competition is not allowed to enter in the following year and also anyone who wins three times will not be allowed to enter at all. This is to encourage new talent to participate.


The organisers of the show are always happy to receive your comments on these shows so please tell us if we got it right or what we could do to  make it better.


Robin Healy

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well for what its worth here are some picture of mine. I can't seem to find the early picture of the shoes when I got them or when I had all the linings laid out. But anyway I found them on Ebay & deliberately brought the worst shoes I could find. I even had to pay the cheeky seller £8 for the privilege of owning his cast offs!


To me this was day to day stuff, all the jobs I did on the shoes where run of the mill in a typical week/month so I felt it was a fair way of assessing my skills. I enjoyed doing them, the competitions a great way of checking your skills & over the years I've introduced a lot of what I've done on competition shoes into my daily over the counter repairs.
















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