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Watch steaming up in shower

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So before I start this post, can I just say, I am aware we have been far too casual (and possibly cavalier) in how we have been "doing" watch batteries...we will have to change all that now.


Basically we've been doing watch battery changes without mentioning the issue of water-resistance to the customer and without testing watches after the battery change (we have no way of testing watches).


Now a customer has brought her Toy brand watch in and says it steams up in the shower.

Additionally the gasket seemed to be hanging out of the case back. Bit confused about that. It might be because she'd opened the case to let the watch dry out?


But anyway.


We should have mentioned before doing the watch that the watch would no longer be guaranteed water resistant but we didn't.


What do?


The watch is ticking again but it looks quite sorry for itself with the gasket stretched and poking out.


We want the customer to be happy and to "do right by her" - but I think a new one of these watches is £200!


Lee, could we send the watch to you for some TLC for example?


thank you...

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I always looked at those toy watch and wondered why people would pay for a battery and not buy a new watch.

I expected them to only be about £5.

What a load of old crap.

Couldn't agree more. Overpriced piece of rubbish. Look out in future, often the plastic casing has small cracks , making waterproofing


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"takes some b*ll*cks to own up here" so good luck to you  :smt075  

Try looking at Cousins web or telephoning them - I saw a catalog this week funnily enough, cant find it this morning but will keep looking,

you can replace the rubber gasket, and should not cost you too much fingers crossed  



Phoning Cousins?


Only if you want a brain dead automaton reading from a script saying 'Computer says no' or 'You'll have to look on the website, I can't handle your query here'.

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