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Silca Bravo Pro Mk2 switch warning

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Hi All,

Just to let you know the switch (rocker switch on right hand side of machine) on my Silca Bravo Pro Mk2  shorted and caught fire while I was cutting a key yesterday.

This machine is less that 2 years old and the switch gets turned on when I cut my first cylinder key and goes off when I cut the supply at the end of the day.

bearing this in mind it can be used at the most 600 times

Luckily I was at the machine and smelt the short and had time to remove the bottom plate as bits of molten plastic fell on my bench.

Cannot remember what warranty came with this machine, will check this out on monday.

Big thanks to my friend who came and bypassed switch to keep me going and to Birch's who sent out switch which came first thing this morning.




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Can you, all that have the above machine, let me know if you leave it turned on all day as I do.

Have been told this happened because it is left on. Sounds like a bull***t  excuse to me.

What do you do?

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we have a silca record thats about 2 years old and the switch has been playing up a little in the last few weeks too, will let the boss know when i speak to him tomorrow, as you say, sounds like a bs excuse to me 

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Just to add my issues, I have had 3 new toggle switches fitted to my Bravo Professional key cutting machine (it was one of the first sold when it launched so i have had it a while).


My machine is always left on as a result as one switch only lasted a couple of months of switching on/off, but the main issue for me was the heat coming from the light built into the machine, i have now

removed the light due to the plastic shield inside melting and becomming deformed. I took this issue up with both Aldridges and Lee @ Silca and 3 years on i am still awaiting another replacement.



This is one part where Silca are massively let down at times and at no point have i had any response to the issues i have raised with the light unit. To my mind it was dangerous and a possible fire

risk. i have just found the photo of it and you can see how burnt deformed the heat shield is.


The photo is of the second one that was replaced approx 5 years ago by silca after a lot of phone calls.

Lamp and burnt shield.jpeg

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