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"refurbishment" of Timberland (& other) boots - Eccles, MCR

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Hi folks.


Further to my introductory post, I'm keen to refurbish my old shoes and boots rather than buying new (a recent new pair of high street boots has left a bitter taste).


So boots number 1:


A pair of timberland in an oiled tan leather.


I'd like some new soles (preferably something a little more aggressive - perhaps like a jungle boot sole), new laces and a replacement of an eyelet. I'd like to find a local tradesman who can help me maintain my shoes in tip-top condition.


Can anyone recommend someone near Eccles Salford/Manchester?


I've had repairs done by Timpsons in the past, which were adequate but not great and were surprisingly expensive.


Many thanks.

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Timpsons are licensed to do timberland repairs and the workshop is in Manchester

if you want something more aggresive tell them that

youll find most independants will fit Vibram units and these are becoming very popular with lots of styles available


carry on!

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