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884 Transponder Machine advice

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Hi Guys,


I’ve steered clear of transponder keys as years ago I bought an ETD-1 and was put off as it seemed out of date as soon as I bought it, contrary to what the Rep selling it to me said. I’m now thinking of getting an 884 and would be grateful if anyone experienced with this machine could give me some advice as I don't want to waste money once again. From the research I’ve done thus far I’m getting very mixed opinions.



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Had mine 3 months and its a great machine easy to use and clones most keys, good for shop base, im mobile and the only downside is cost of heads but hopefully price will come down soon , I think the tk100 head is relatively expensive which does most and is the cheapest, quote me anybody if im wrong, only trouble at moment im trying to sell £55 a key and places are doing cheaper. but again hopefully price of heads will come down in the near future.


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