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my repair video

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your waists are too low lol

carry on!



How so? I always make my waists fairly low as they have much less chance of popping when the waist area is flexed during walking. If the waist is badly damaged or scuffed then I tend to fit the new sole all the way down to the heel block as it looks a whole lot neater. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a sole come back because the waist joint had failed.


Incoming!!!!!! :mrgreen:



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Great Stuff ! :smt023 :smt023


D`y Know - Even my first boss who trained me 35 odd years ago - didnt use this care and attention ( and I`m sad to say I don`t either ,neither do about 90% of other repairers I`ve ever worked with).


Gonna show this tomorrow to my 26 year old employee - who`s worked with me 5 years now - to give him a visual boot up the backside as to how it CAN be done ! (and he thinks I`m on his case about prep and clean finishing !)


all anyone cares about these days are stillys and 6 pin uni`s


- once again top video !

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