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Repairing damaged stilleto, Tutorial.

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*this is a recovered topic, following an accidental delete during board cleaning, It was originally published by uk900 on the 14.08.2006 & Is part of our tutorial page*


Ever get Damaged Stilleto's in, and the customer doesn't want to spend £20-£25 on new heels?


This is what we do




Cut away the damaged part of the heel, We use a small cutter which fit's into my hand engraver, Or you can use a small hacksaw blade.




Then tidy up the the base of the plastic heel base with a sharp knife, so the build up sits flush.




Then cut out some square leather bits and put holes in, just a fraction smaller than the Tube of the heel.




Use decent hard leather if possible, so as it doesn''t spread later.

Then glue all sdes of the leather & the heel base. and start building up the heel.






It should all fit tightly over the tube to give a good sturdy base to work with.

Then scour the excess off on your band scourer, leaving it close to what it should look like.




Then using a soft sanding block, sand the heel to it''s original shape.






Then replace the pu top''s, And finish as normal.






Hope this helps any one who has never done it before, There are other techniques for different heels. But I find this is very effective. I charge £9.99 for this, that includes the top pieces.It doesn't take that long to do. Customer will love you


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