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shop opening hours?

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this evening after normal hours (5;30pm close) i was fitting a new shop carpet last one been down roughly 9 years - anyway every 5 minutes or so there was a tap at the door and a customer wanting a key cut dropping in repairs etc i took nearly 50 quid and some repairs in, and i just stopped to think perhaps i should extend my opening hours a little maybe 15 minutes - obviously i dont want to work more hours so i may go in later on a wednesday or something.

i know some shops open till 6pm, and we could be there at 8pm and still get the odd punter! but after this evening i am wondering if my towns trade is shifting a little.

years ago though i was called to my shop at 11-30pm one night by the police, someone had smashed a window - a customer came in whilst i was waiting for someone to board up the shop and had a key cut!!

in all the years i have been going things change- what about your area's ?

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I recently tried opening until 6pm & did it for a 6 month period, yes I got the odd one but it wasn't enough to make it viable.


I used to open at 8am & the 8am-9am was a busy slot but had to stop this to bike Ross to school, I now arrive at about 8.45am & it goes mad when I arrive I will open again at 8am when the kids can get them selves to school.


So for me early yes, late no.


You always get people who "notice" something different & will ask for a key just because your there, but would this be regular trade once it became the norm?



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I open at 9 but here at 8:30 to make sure I'm ready (coffee and paper!!). I used to shut at 5:30 but found I wasn't serving anyone between 5:00-5:30 so decided to shut at 5. Wednesday always used to be half day closing in Haverhill and I think I'm the only shop that still did this but now I stay on till 4 and at the moment this seems to be my busiest day!!!!

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