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shoecare advice - pick your brains

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Preserve your recycled shoes with our range of


Polishes - recommended after ever few wears.

Shoe Trees - recommended after each wear.

Laces - When needed.


Rotate your shoes, don’t wear them every day. This helps dry perspiration.


Or something :smt102


I used to put a piece of paper in my repairs, with offers & things on it, never got any responses so stopped doing it.



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Putting any leaflet into shoes that is trying to sell something is a no go area.

Just think what you do when you get a leaflet... quick glance without reading and dustbin!


Attack from another angle... dont sell ... advise.

There are many avenues to go down and far to long for me to type out the words but you need 4 Block Headers, any more than 4 will not get the attention you are after.

Personally I would do a 2 section small leaflet headed "How to care for your shoes" & "Pssst,Want to know how to get your shoes looking better and lasting longer"

Paper size 8"x4" or 4 to a A4 size sheet printed landscape and cut.

Printing can be done 2 sided with 1 message of advice on each side.


This way you can produce new messages each 6 months so that they are kept interesting.

Having 4 sets of 2 messages will give you a run of 2 years, then you can re-run over and over again as your customer base changes.


Give them some informative tips "did you know" & "are you aware"


Now.... dont just stick it in the bag and say nowt.. interact, tell them you are popping a care leaflet into their shoes for them to have a read when they get home or to work. Dont put it in the bag!!!it must be in the shoes so that they have to take it out. That way there is more chance of them reading it.


Make sure your details are somewhere on the leaflet so that anyone picking it up will know where to get the items you are advising about from.


Use light colour heavy paper with a border done in Publisher oe similiar if you are doing them yourself.

Use a colourful script as the header (lipson2 have a good idea of a script in their title page).

A good idea in difficult times or if you want to move stock that is sticking is to include a voucher for the item within the leaflet. This means they are more likely to retain the leaflet.

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ascap29: This is a good effort and would mean something to me if short and to the point.


e.g. something like "A thin layer of polish applied to shoes before storage will lengthen their life"

"polish is not just for shining shoes, it preserves the life of the leather. Apply polish xxx times

a week"

"its strongly advisable to wear leather shoes every other day, allowing moisture to dry out

thus lengthing the life of your shoes"


I learnt these tips from a book on shoes. You could probably do a better job of wording the comments but avoid fluffy language like "its advisable to do this....and advisable to do that" because, I just turn off. You see it so often on product leaflets. Most of it is just liability limitation rubbish from corporations. I.E "this product contains Nuts" on the back of a KP bag of Nuts. Sadly the consumer is so tuned to this kind of garabge that it goes in one ear and out the other. Please try and sound different and then someone might actually read it.


I hope this help in your quest. Harry.

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