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there are many adhesives out there tell all proclaiming to be the best,i have tried most ofthem since i started in the trade 30 and more years ago and as i was told then still holds true today if the preperation aint right the job will fail

in the early days i only used 2 forms of adhesive both of them were foss

foss1222 neoprene cement for leather,rubber

fossplast 8016 for pvc

thats all that was needed then

the 8016 is no longer in production and the 1222 is not the same since they changed the formula in the early 90s i have tried many other brands since then such as bostic ,gripsotite, longtack and shorttack after triel and error replaced the 1222 for the riena ortec and the 8016 was replaced with gripsotite pta then low and behod they stopped production of the pta and so began the search for another replacement ,so here what i now use and would recomend

reina ortec for leather ,rubber ,micro ,and some tr

reina multi cole wth a little thinners to help with the viscosity for pvc

reina syntec for pur ,pvc ,and some tr

i have a document from reina outlining all there adhesives and uses that was given to me by one of there sales reps when he turned up at the factoryand was told to come and see me if he wanted a sale the upshot being i told him sorry i wont take your word or believe your hype just send a sample of all yuor adhesives for me to try and if i like i will use them ,if i dont i wont now matter how good a deal you cut

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