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hardest wearing Heels?

Guest Chello

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I was reading what Hugh was saying about some 12 year old Topy soles in this thread from last year:



If a customer came in and asked for some 'indestructible' heels and I wanted to give him the best then what brand and model do you recommend?

Colledge's do those Topy topane heels with the nylon 1/4 piece, are they any good?

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The best of Topy will be difficult to beat, but I would gather that theylike everyone else will be stocking Budget Lines.


Just had to edit this as i noticed that Chello is a new member, Welcome Chello enjoy the trip. :)


Thanks Hugh, out of interest which sole were you refering to with the 12 year old pair. Was it the topy Elysee, Finlux or Serac soles? ok I know it can very much be down to how often the shoes are used and weight of customer but at least it gives me some sort of guide.

On the Heel side of things I have used those topy super tops before but they seem to come back in as regular as any budget likes so i am not sure. The topaine heels look more elegant than the serac's, but which one has the most abrasion resistance? It would be nice to know if anyone has independantly tested these products or if there is anything which can beat the topy line?



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There aren't many heels on the market as good as topy super tops for wear, so I don't know what your comparing them with !!

I've been using them since the year dot, they are an excellent product, all-be-it not the nicest looking heel.


As for the soles each product is ideal for a certain job, its a matter of knowing what materials suit the job in hand.

One thing that annoys me with Topy soles is that they never seem to make em in a larger size.



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The best of Topy will be difficult to beat, but I would gather that theylike everyone else will be stocking Budget Lines.


Topy only sell Topy, so I don't see how they can stock "budget lines"


They manufacture Topy products and distribute to wholesalers, who have always stocked budget lines.


Do they not manufacture products of differing qualities?

Surely they dont just do 1 quality substance!!! (or do they)?

I dont know, thats why I said "I would gather".

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Thanks Planet



i will look out for them, if they are still around. big if i guess.

it always suprises me how long the materials that some trainers have and how long they last. Done a bit of running over the years and some of my training shoes had literally thousands of miles on the clock but the uppers would nearlly always go first. I have never been sure if that is because of the soft construstion which puts less strain on the heal (one thinks of the high heel scenario as an extream example) or if its because they use some kind of alian material - perhaps from your planet ;)

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Used to be able to get a gents Vibram heel with the yellow logo, that was a cracking heel, but my supplier stopped stocking them, or they stopped making them. :?

Yeh good quality those, I also liked Indiana but cant remember wether it was a blue or red logo that was best.


earlsdoncobbler, I cant understand your last post, you said you had a pair in for their 2nd JR heel yet the original was only half worn, it dont make sence to me, then again I am just an old geriatric with hearing, sight, mental problems.

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