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Stainless Steel cutting

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I have a customer who wants a number for the front of his house.

He wants a number 8 profiled in about 6mm stainless steel,8" high with a hole top and bottom and maybe some spacers to hold it of the wall when screwed in.


Anyone can help give me a price or point me in the right direction please? :D

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http://www.cityengineer.co.uk/ (they aren't on the home page but they do custom lettering/numerals to order)


http://www.simplydoorhandles.co.uk/prod ... um1010.asp


i've not been able to find anywhere that does them that thick michael, maybe bonding two together then smoothing the join on your band could achieve what your customer needs though.



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who's da man? :wink:


the city engineer link above can do the job for you michael :D i've just rang them and the chap you need to speak to is called keith carter. the lead time is roughly 5 days, he wouldn't give me a specific price as he requires you to send him an electronic file with the full details of what you require.


they can do up to 20mm thick x 4metres high :shock:


0117 965 4314.


hope this helps :)



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