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What do you do w/ requests for copy-protected keys?

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easy entrie,.... will only work on keys with out any side bars, which are not very common on restrcited sections as you need the side bars to be able to generate enough differs for master key systems.


ASCAP29, Easy entrie is the same type of machine you find in the sheds, it cuts a key from a blank slug including the profile, been around for years.


Getting back to oringinal question, i would never even try to cut someone elses section, if they can not source the key from section holder i would offer to provide new lock and keys on my own section :D


Go on then why you going to Dartmoor :D

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Agree with mark, its copy protected for a reason.

I think some wholesalers have alot to answer for, selling the easy entrie machines .

It was brought up on here awhile back and I commented on the fact that wholesaler will sell a restricted section to one fella and sell a easy entrie to another fella down the road.

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