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charity Auction & poster sales

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At the Cutting Edge show on the 21st September the cycling challenge held a charity auction towards the final total.

IMAGE_130 (422 x 338).jpg


Money raised

Lot1: Camera, Phone & satnav £105.00 Martin K4Mrc

Lot2: Camera & Satnav £130.00 Robin Healy

Lot3: Bianch Hybreed Bike £300.00 Tim Wilford

Lot4: Bianch Road Bike £440.00 Mike Lees


Also a mobile phone was left in the box & Terry Field put £5.00 in the box for it.


During the day I helped sell posters from each route, & I have just had a count up & this totals £40.00


Others where collecting through the day, but I didn't get their totals.


But the auction & our stand raised £1020.00


IMAGE_132 (422 x 338).jpg

IMAGE_136 (422 x 338).jpg





Just imagine what a difference that money could make to a childs life


Well Done!



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Don't know if it will happen again, we are still finishing this event!


BUT I have NO reservations as to the success of the event! I spent the entire 5 days talking to reporters & carry out radio interviews. So although publicity was patchy in some areas, this was purely down to the riders being thin on the ground meaning local interest wasn't as impacting.

For a first attempt with an event as BIG (don't forget it was two events in one, with two routes) I think the event was a credit to those involved.

Raising thousands of pounds for children in need & raising vast interest from within the industry.

Every one involved & many others besides we're talking about it at the trade show on Sunday!



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