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i have been cutting keys for a couple of years now and have a couple of questions.


why is it when you cut a key on the grove setting on the machine sometimes it works on some brands of keys but not all?


Then you cut it from the flat bottom part of the key and it works?


which side of the jaws does everybody else cut off?


i have checked the machine and it is set up fine.


I am starting to cut more and more keys now as i am working from a shop so any advice would be great


Thanks All


Cheers :roll:

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Generally speaking the reason you have to use different jaw sides for cutting keys is down the variation on copy keys. Whilst all key blank manufacturers do their best, there's always going to be a certain acceptable tolerance on the blanks.


On some key profiles, you find that the biggest variation occurs on the back edge of the key and you need to hold the groove of the key to get an accurate cut, on other profiles, it tends to be the plating that has the biggest variation, if you clamp these on the grooves you get slightly inaccurate cuts as the jaws don't quite settle into the same place on both keys.



Personally when I get a chance to cut keys (which isn't as often as I'd like!), I test the blade near the shoulder and see how the key is sitting before starting the cut. As the others have said, most keys are cut with the key's back edge resting on the jaw (most machines label this Side A) and only car keys, or double sided keys needing to be held in the groove (though again, some car keys cut better with resting on the edge and using a jaw pin to stop them twisting)

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It's dependant on the lock manufacturer and what criteria they use and to what point they are working from ie the back edge of the key or the fluting.

Generally, single sided pin tumbler locks work from the back edge of the key.

If the key blank is fluted and back rounded correctly it shouldn't be a problem using the back edge.

Generally, double sided keys and wafer locks manufacturers work from the fluting so it's generally better to locate from the fluting for these.

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