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I have had UMarq GEM machines in the past(RX and FX) .I would describe them as decent "entry level" machines, with entry level pricing. I have one left that I use solely for drag engraving/burnishing anodised aluminium plates / tags etc. Great at doing light work like this which was the reason for getting them. Also have more powerful/rigid machines for tougher work - horses for courses!


They are closed systems so you can't use any software other than their own. Not that keen on their software but it is simple, straight forward and easy to learn.


Others forum members on here may have a Universal.


Quest machines are very good, however you are tied in with U-Marqs controller, and if you are looking for one of these there are other places to buy one of these machines from.


If you list the types of materials you are looking to use for engraving/profiling /cutting etc, and what you are looking for from the software more specific advise can be given

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I have an rx, i use it for watches, rings, jewellery etc. it has a nice little function where you use the machine to measure an area you need to engrave and it will remember the position. it also has a handy template package for the top scrolls of annual shields. ideal for light work.


if you want to get into round work and are after a bit more vavavoom from your machine

go for a gravograph IS200TX

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Hi, thanks for the replies, I was looking at the VX4,being able to engrave I would have thought a tankard, and also the larger plate size, I have used pantographs all my life but never computer engravers.

I found on the u mark website a comparison chart for their machines and couldn't understand why you would pay extra for the universal, as it does smaller plates, but otherwise the VX4 and universal had the same ticks as each other.

I wondered about the software, as I would want to do a lot of logos, drawings, and possibly pictures, are you able to import stuff into the software or is it totally closed of to say Coreldraw file extensions.

I was looking to do brass, anodised aluminium, Romark, labels and signs, and also brand logos on jewellery and gift items mainly.

I have noticed that other software e.g engrave lab are fantastic but a lot of people have said they have a huge learning curve and half the stuff you would never use. what would be the main downside with u-mark software, what couldn't you do with it.

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You will need to look into the details of each machine to get an understanding of the benefits of the univeral over the VX4. e.g the diameter of cylindrical items is quite limited on the VX4. Look into the depth / opening available on the vices of the machines. You will find things like the spindle motor power about 50% of the Universals power, so deep engraving harder metals may take more passes etc.


Engraving into engravers brass shouldn't be a problem - I have done some on a GEM FX. It does lack a little power, and I found the build quality /design poor in that swarf was able to enter the controller that sits below the table until I plugged up some gaps on the case - hopefully this isn't a problem with more recent models. It struggled with anything harder than engravers brass


I use Engravlab for all machines I run now other than for the one GEM FX I have left. I love Engravlab as a piece of software. Can't really coment on the Gem software as I only have the basic software, and all vectorising etc is done in Engravlab before importing into the Gems s/ware

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Hi sorry to join this thread late, I have a had a VX4 for 5 months i have had no problem with brass plaques or any other

material. Why not contact a few manufacturers for an on site demo have some samples for them to test. give the software a try out importing, scanning etc.


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