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just finished!

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got to the evnt at 7-10am - waited till about 8-00 -

i have a terrible cold bug thing that kept me awake all night, and on top of that m,y knee needs attention! (cartlidge) but i still did it in 1 hr 40 (roughly)

3 cyclists didn't show! for the bike run just before mine -chris wilson, along with everything else he is doing - did an extra one!

top marks also to peter coulson (siserve) who with chris son and a girl who wouldn't stop talking about uk900 - some thing about playing with marks leg! mark said he suffered with cramp! some excuse.

but well done to all taking part!

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Well done all those who have riden so far :oops: I did mine at 7.10 sunday night... Suffered with severe cramp in my carf "agony" had to stop 4 times with it, had a massage off a beautifull Massous :D :D :D Finished 1hr 50.

Enjoyed it and was impressed with the organisation, well done to the organisers.

Glad to have got back on my bike, training starts now for next year \:D/ \:D/



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just a quick note to say thankyou to the girls in the east route van for all their support , and for feeding me redbull to keep me going this afternoon also abig thanks to ben for riding along with me on the dorchester to lyme regis route, your a star :D :D :D :D




p.s thanks to all that sponsored me total collected should be in the region of £700 for children in need

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