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Silca RW4 V01.00.034 Software Update (Philips Crypto Nissan)

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Copy Transponder



All Philips Crypto ID 41 Transponders (listed below) can be copied onto the new T25 transponder.


NISSAN ALMERA           1999 2000 
NISSAN MAXIMA           2000 2003 
NISSAN MICRA MARCH[J]   1998 2000 
NISSAN MICRA VAN        1998 2000 
NISSAN MICRA            1998 2000 
NISSAN NAVARA           2000 2003
NISSAN NX ALMERA        1998 2000 
NISSAN PATROL           1998 2003 
NISSAN PRIMERA          2000 2002 
NISSAN PULSAR           2000 2004 
NISSAN X-TRAIL[J]       1998 2000 
NISSAN TERRANO II       1998 2001 


  • Copy function doesn't works on T11 transponder keys, is necessary to use new T25 rewritable transponder keys.
  • T25 rewritable transponder keys are suitable also for memorization through diagnostic device (Like SDD/SBB or ad AD100).
  • Copy functions doesn't works on original Nissan keys. (original keys are loked and write protect)
  • Copy functions maybe doesn't works on Silca's competitors keys (like JMA, AD and others)


NOTE: since this software version the “COPY ID“ function for Philips Crypto (41) transponders will not be available anymore (see chapter Transponder Philips Crytpo of the device instruction manual)***.

(***)there are a trick, see 2nd post of this tread


This update is free of charge, and no external modules is necessary for this function, please contact your reseller/distributor to get more informations and the upgrade.


This new functions is available also for Silca Fastcopy machine.

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a little hint:


If you are sure that the vehicle use fixed code immoblilizer, you can save money copying only the ID on T5, so if you want to copy only ID on T5 key, you have to:


- read ID41 key under "identification" and save to archive.

- go in the archive and select the position where the key are saved

- insert a T5 key and press "Write", this copy only the ID on T5 keys


of course as usual, the "Copy ID" function, works only for non Crypto immobilizer vehicles.

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