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Time is running out, think about getting a “des�

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Time is running out, think about getting a “des”


The cycling challenge is almost upon us & time is running out to take part. BUT what if like me you can’t get fully involved because of either personal or logistical restraints?


Well you can still benefit from the event. HOW?


Get yourself a “des” I have enlisted the help of Chris Wilson who will become my “Cobb-lees” Designated rider.

I have now paid my entrants fee & will benefit from receiving my press pack, which will include 2 posters, press releases, tea shirt & sponge pack to sell on my counter. This will get me fully involved by creating a window display & knowing my rider will be out there riding for the money I manage to raise in my shop.

So head to http://www.shoerecycling.co.uk & sign up today.


Either sign up & join me in using Chris “Des” Wilson on section 43 or if you know another rider you can support in your shop, sign up to there section.



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we have just recieved our pack and T shirts, my 2 staff are also keen to do the cycling ( and me)

already have 3 people sponsor the event ( within 30 minutes of putting it on counter!)

i also will be taking the time to local papers to get maximum publicity for the event

- this is a real opportunity for our trade 'to put it on the map'

so come on you people who are thinking about doing it!

get your kids or staff to do the cycle...

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My "Des" cycled my section & whilst it was difficult to get sponsorship because I wasn't riding myself, I did manage to raise £200 from sponges & doing work for the box.


Chris did a great job, despite blowing up Peter Coulsons van getting down to ride the section on what "should" have been Chris' day off.


He was using Peters van, to get it in the right area for Peter, when driving along at 102mph (although he told me he was going steady, so this is a speculative comment :lol: ) the oil light came on followed by the engine light & he ground to a holt on the hard shoulder.


Chris managed to commandeer one of his reps cars who was in the area & made it to the challenge to ride my section.


So I would like to thank Chris, Peter & the rep for making my section happen with true British spirit.



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