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laser engraving machine

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photo lasering on glass is a very tricky nut to crack, I've had my laser for 18 months and I'm still not happy with results. as a rule i find the more expensive the award is the better the result is, but then you outprice yourself if you are hoping to hit the cheap gift market. then you have to faff about with each image to get it "just right" for lasering. and do a test piece to see how it looks. very involved. I have managed to perfect photo engraving on other matierials, plastics, brass and aluminium. but the glass eludes me. it does however do logos fantastic on glass and its fast too.

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To laser into glass you need a sub surface laser engraver. Which is still around £80k to buy - but produces stunning 3D results


With any popular laser and the use of Photograv software (avaliable from the laser supplier) you can laser on to glass - the results depend on the time you have to practise. I use an Epilog Mini 35 watt which does photos best on flat glass.



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