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Advice on Boot tread/Sole

Guest JDBKeys

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Guest JDBKeys

Hi all,


Just after a bit of advice really. I need to make a pair of boots look the same as another pair of boots. There is no function to the change its just for the appearance alone


The boots i have are these



And i want the sole to look like the sole on these boots (or closer to the sole on these)



Its the ridges im after really - any ideas ? Would really appreciate your knowledge where im totally lacking :)

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The pic in the bottomof the post resembles a copy of "Brothel Creepers" "Teddy Boy" shoes that I used to wear.

The patterned edge was formed by what is known as a Ridged Crepe Randing. It was still available 12 years ago but who knows now!!!

There is a sheet material in ceam colour that resembles this pattern made from what I call Gristle Rubber but the continental manufacturers call crepe. Cant remember the supplier though.

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these boots you are trying to emulate appear to be injection molded units. In which case you are on a hiding to nothing. My advice would be to not bother, there is no way you will get the same effect, you will find the boots are of a different construction and will be impossible to clone these boots to anywere near a satisfactory standard.


Why would you want to take on a job of this nature, or is it a joke :roll:

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