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Metaza MPX-80

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For anyone who has got a Roland (especially the MPX-80) can you help.


We bought one of these machines in December and have been using it with absolutely no problem. It has given fantastic results and I have been very pleased with it.


With Fathers Day coming up, we have done quite a run on photograph images and have now come to the end of our first pin, so we have changed over to pin 2. It is now not engraving as heavily as before. We have calibrated the machine but it still doesn't look anywhere near as good as the first pin images. Have spoken to the Customer Support at Roland and the lad said that it was probably dirt on the pin head and to switch to pin 9 but it isn't making any difference at all.


For anyone who has one of these machines, did the quality of the engraving change once you had changed your pin? Have tried everything we can think of and nothing seems to work.


Thanks in advance from a very frustrated Alison. x

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i've never used the mpx 80 but if the settings are anything like the mpx70 then you should be able to adjust how hard the pin strikes the item you're engraving.


i'd give that a try on a piece of scrap in small increments.


if you can send me a screen shot of the settings menu then i may be able to advise better.


failing that, try this: place your item in the machine, set your height bar (if it has one) as normal so that it's touching the item. remove the item carefully and place a thin piece of double sided tape on the back, this should raise the item slightly whilst stopping it moving around whilst engraving.


let me know how you go on.



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